The Cape Effect



This winter, you don’t necessarily need to follow the beaten track in order to have style and at the same time be protected from the cold. Say yes to a beautiful cape that keeps you warm while you have the chance to experiment with your style. On cold days especially, you might feel your hands get cold a bit more, you can add a pair of long leather gloves for an ultimate stylish look.

The good thing with capes is that they suit all women, regardless age and body shape, since you can find many variations in colour, fabric and style, it is quite easy to the combine it with jeans or with leggings for the morning or with dresses for evening outings.



For a more Parisian look fit perfectly with long your gloves and your hat, while the combination with over the knee boot will make your style simply remarkable! So you if you want to make a difference and create a classy look, opt for a cape this season and replace your jacket and coat with it.


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