Raf Simons: His collaboration with Dior becomes a documentary.

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In recent years, the documentaries about the world of fashion is very popular among not only theexpected-fashionistas, but also the cinema lovers. After Karl Lagerfeld, Carine Roitfeld, and Valentino, it’s time for another man of the fashion scene to share with the audience his experience, and open the door of one of the biggest houses in the camera. The reason for Raf Simons and the much vaunted transfer” of the house of Dior.
Frédéric Tcheng, undertakes in his new documentary entitled «Dior and I» to take us back in time, specifically the creation of the first collection of Simons for the iconic house. The documentary, which will premiere in the competition section of the Tribeca Film Festival next month, presents the eight weeks before the debut of Simons in the house, and “dedicated, charming and full of humor associates.
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