Petite-malle: the new Louis Vuitton handbag that will become an object of worship

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The Parisian fashion week threw curtain yesterday with Louis Vuitton impressing with new creations, especially the bags, which made ​​him famous. The most highly anticipated show in this Parisian fashion week was that of Louis Vuitton, the first after the departure of Marc Jacobs and his succession by Nicolas Ghesquière at the helm of the French maison.
Nicolas will lead the Louis Vuitton in new paths and what else could be the best way to start this change, rather than to launch a new collection of bags, the accessoryfetish for women and the hallmark of the house.

The new Louis Vuitton bags for next winter are going to be the must-have accessories and from those what stands out is the petite-malle. A mini chest with a detachable strap that can be used as a boxy clutch bag and presented in two versions: one with the classic LV monogram and the other with leather covers that can be removed revealing chests” in gold and silver. Regarding to their price, is not available until after the request surely means that the bags would not be affordable to common wallets.
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