#instantL.O.V.E Patterned Suit & how to style it.

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A trend started strongly from last fall and continues this year. The matchy pieces are the hot trends of the new season, which keeps suits in the spotlight.

In most subversive but also impressive version, suits with patterns become the weakness of fashionistas who do not hesitate to more strongly prints. Androgynous style that stands out. The costumes are bolder than ever causing those that following the trend to risk with their style more than even.

Not easy choice since a suit with motifs can elevate your style but also make you want to hide.If you’re not sure then for such an appearance chose a suit with more subtle patterns in shades of black and white or a suit with stripes. If you feel confident again and you’re ready to stand out, a suit with geometries, with color or with floral prints are in the next options you.

The shades of white black or navy – white is the most secure. Choose a suit with more subtle patterns and clean geometries and combine it with a simple top and a pair of high heels.
Avoid too many accessories and jewelry. Such a set is already pretty impressive on its own.
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