Harrods launches world of Prada: Enter the Pradasphere.

The sources of inspiration for the artistic director of the great Italian house Prada, Miuccia Prada, to will be displayed by 31 May at Harrods in London, at the exhibition «Pradasphere». Shockingly frames and interesting items from the vast archive of the house – which come from the fields of architecture, cinema, sport and art displayed on the fourth floor of the department store.

Speaking to Vogue, Harrod’s fashion director Helen David said the “Pradasphere will transport our customer into the fabulous world of Prada here at Harrods, marrying two brands synonymous with luxury, design and creativity…We’ve worked with the Prada team behind the scenes to create a phenomenal, unique experience, celebrating the brand’s history as well as the creativity of today.”

At the same time, the showcases travel the public through the top moments of the house which measures more than 30 years, presenting a series of historical collaborations and iconic pieces. For those truly out to shop, Harrods will be releasing an exclusive capsule collection of ready-to-wear, accessories, shoes and bags that have been inspired from Prada’s last 100 years of design.

“Pradasphere is a portrait of one of our generation’s most creative minds,” says Michael Rock. “The exhibition presents, through a collection of remarkable objects, the way Miuccia Prada’s vision is made manifest in everything she touches. Pradasphere demonstrates that Prada is not so much a brand in the traditional sense of the word, but one extraordinary individual’s way of thinking, way of making, and way of looking at the contemporary world.”

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