Fast Fashion – Aren’t You Lovin’ It? Moschino serves up a McDonald’s collection

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You either hate it or love it.
The first collection of Jeremy Scott for Moschino, a collection of pop, fun elements marks the debut of a famous fashion designer in the Italian brand.

 The collection for the season Autumn / Winter 2014-15, which was presented just days ago at Fashion Week in Milan, is already in stores. It is an mini collection that includes 10 pieces, which refer to McDonalds. Bags, backpacks and sweatshirts in red, that you see as the packaging of the known chain restaurants and cases for smartphones in the shape of box for fries.
Jeremy Scott will either hate him or love him, since the eccentric creations always cause confusion in fashion. I am not a bih fun of this collecton as a can easily characterizise as kitch and kind of ugly. I don’t understand what kind of purpose is served here. Moschino was always quirky, and bright, and bold and some may even say obnoxious at times but it always had the Italian finese.. Classy Italian woman in well tailored clothes who doesn’t give a damn that her pattern is blinding you.. what was totally missing form the collection. Not in a good way surely..
Celebrities seems to love this new trend and apparently not only them. The whole collection is sold out in stores. So don’t surprise you in you see someone in the street dressed with the big M in the significant red colour or someone holding a fries package box as a bag next to you in line..
The red and yellow colored pieces, with the iconic McDonald’s logo were instantly EVERYWHERE.
 Jeremy Scott told reporters in Milano that it’s “about taking something trashy and making something that you’ll treasure forever.” Perphaps he forgot that we have reality shows for that.  He tried to be ironic and fashionable, but he failed. That collection just looks cheap and tacky.

The capsule collection is already available online on the MOSCHINO website and it is almost sold out. It will also be available soon on net-à-porter.
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